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Benefit from cutting-edge, tailored insights powered by ProAI's integrated market research capabilities. Our AI-powered tools provide the data and analysis to optimize your positioning and pursue new opportunities.

Why Choose ProAI for Your Market Research Needs?

ProAI delivers in-depth, customized market research reports designed to drive your success

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How it works

Share Goals

Communicate your research objectives to ProAI to receive the most relevant insights. Align your goals with business planning and strategic initiatives.

Custom Report Generated

AI produces a tailored market research report.

Receive Strategic Guidance

Your dedicated AI advisor distills key findings and pinpoints opportunities with the highest impact.

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  • - Market Overview: Size, growth, trends, key players
  • - Customer Analysis: Build buyer personas, insights
  • - Growth Identification: New markets, offerings, innovations
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Evaluate size, growth rate, trends, key players, and more for your market. Incorporate these insights into your business plan.

Build data-driven buyer personas and get their insights through AI-powered focus groups. Use this knowledge of your customers to shape strategic objectives.

Compare your product's positioning and opportunities in its niche.

ProAI combines research with your internal data to suggest new markets, customer segments, and innovations.


How can i help you ?

Your AI Consultant for Growth

Your AI advisor distills actionable insights from the research to maximize opportunities. Leverage these strategic recommendations to set goals, build plans, and drive growth.

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Custom Strategies

Recommendations based on data you provide and insights gained from clients spanning every industry and stage.

Interactive Guidance

Responds to follow up questions, explains recommendations and works with you to refine strategies.

Continuous Monitoring

Constantly analyzes your metrics to detect trends and provide ad hoc recommendations.

Growth Roadmapping

Suggests a custom blueprint for new markets, products or revenue streams.

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Market Research

Get cutting edge insights to your industry including key trends and market size.

Proprietary research on your industry including trends, customers, and market size. See your position and find opportunities.

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Save time and money with our on-demand reports. Benefit from data-driven insights.


Unearth new potential. Identify underexplored segments and offerings ripe for growth.


Receive expert guidance on data interpretation. Your AI advisor demystifies key research findings.


ProAI harnesses a blend of proprietary data sources, moving beyond mere web research.


The market research module leverages AI to generate customized reports on your industry, competitors, target customers, and more. This enables data-driven insights to inform your business strategies and opportunities.
The market insights can inform your business plans, strategic objectives, implementation roadmaps, and overall decision making. Our integrated platform allows seamless flow of data and recommendations.
The key report types are industry analysis, customer research through AI focus groups, competitive benchmarking, and growth roadmapping. ProAI can also produce tailored reports based on your needs.
ProAI combines proprietary data sources, AI-powered analytics, and research methodologies perfected through thousands of consulting engagements. This produces more strategic insights than conventional research approaches.
In addition to public data, ProAI has access to exclusive industry reports, executive interviews, survey data, and more through our research firm ImpactAnalytix. We utilize only direct sources, not web research.
The reports provide intelligence to optimize your market positioning, identify new opportunities, benchmark against competitors, anticipate trends, and ultimately make strategic decisions to unlock growth.
Yes, our market research module is highly customizable. Tell us your specific objectives, and our AI will produce tailored reports to address your unique needs.
Your dedicated AI business advisor reviews the key findings, explains them, and provides strategic recommendations to capitalize on highest-potential opportunities uncovered through the research.