Create real-time Market research
in minutes.

ProAI combines real-time market research (Government reports, Market data, etc.) and AI to make querying market research available in minutes.

ProAI is democratizing access to market research data.

Our platform pulls real-time data and combines with AI report building to make market research reports take minutes, not weeks.

Create best-in-class reports
for investors, internal meetings, and more.

Simply describe the type of research you need, your product, and ProAI will pull information to build charts, graphs, and accurate statistics so teams have better decision making

Create reports in minutes, not weeks.

Communicate your research objectives to ProAI and receive a tailored market research report.

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1. Select preferred report.

Choose your desired marketing report out of a collection of multiple valued ones that can be informative and help in getting real insights from market perspective.

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2. Fill out the questionnaire.

Provide information regarding your marketing goals and objectives in a broader view. This helps Pro AI analyse and provide tailored insights back to you.

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3. Get Your tailored report.

Within minutes get AI powered market research reports that are based on real insights and effective market strategies which helps your position better.

Actionable insights on demand

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Continuous monitoring

Have a pulse on the market with recurring reports that highlight competitor moves and emerging threats/opportunities.

Relevant Insights

ProAI goes beyond data to offer actionable recommendations to differentiate yourself and act on market movements

Competitive Analysis

Compare your product's positioning and opportunities in its niche.

Customize reports

The data and reports created are customized to your needs with endless opportunities to discover new data and insights.

Create market research reports to accelerate your business.

Get access to best-in-class industry research and AI to automatically build reports for your team. Pro AI is your go-to market research assistant.

Data from 100+ real-time sources



The market research module leverages AI to generate customized reports on your industry, competitors, target customers, and more. This enables data-driven insights to inform your business strategies and opportunities.
The market insights can inform your business plans, strategic objectives, implementation roadmaps, and overall decision making. Our integrated platform allows seamless flow of data and recommendations.
The key report types are industry analysis, customer research through AI focus groups, competitive benchmarking, and growth roadmapping. ProAI can also produce tailored reports based on your needs.
ProAI combines proprietary data sources, AI-powered analytics, and research methodologies perfected through thousands of consulting engagements. This produces more strategic insights than conventional research approaches.
In addition to public data, ProAI has access to exclusive industry reports, executive interviews, survey data, and more through our research firm ImpactAnalytix. We utilize only direct sources, not web research.
The reports provide intelligence to optimize your market positioning, identify new opportunities, benchmark against competitors, anticipate trends, and ultimately make strategic decisions to unlock growth.
Yes, our market research module is highly customizable. Tell us your specific objectives, and our AI will produce tailored reports to address your unique needs.
Your dedicated AI business advisor reviews the key findings, explains them, and provides strategic recommendations to capitalize on highest-potential opportunities uncovered through the research.

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