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ProAI covers the full spectrum of funding options including angel investors, venture capital, crowdfunding, grants, loans, and more. Our AI recommends the optimal funding path for your needs.
Our AI analyzes data on your business and objectives to shortlist the most promising investors from our database of 160k+ based on industry focus, stage preference, past deals, and other factors.
We help craft your narrative, create visually compelling pitch decks, develop financial models, anticipate investor questions, and ensure you effectively communicate your business potential.
No, we do not directly facilitate introductions to investors. However, we provide tailored strategies and best practices to help guide your investor outreach efforts. Our specialists advise on crafting effective cold outreach messaging and developing warm introductions through your network. We want to equip you to thoughtfully drive the process in an authentic way.
Our AI takes a tailored approach based on your business model, stage, goals, risk appetite, geographic region, and other individual factors, ensuring funding guidance is customized.
Yes, our experts help compare multiple funding offers to determine optimal terms and valuation. We provide guidance on negotiations to ensure you maximize value while retaining control.