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ProAI is trained to thoroughly assess your business and ask the right questions for crafting your plan, backed by research on your market, competitors, and more.

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Utilize our sophisticated algorithms, developed using insights from leading consulting firms, for tailor-made business plans and financial projections, distinct from ChatGPT.

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Quickly obtain your business plan and financials in Microsoft Office format, with flexible editing tools for further personalization.

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ProAI crafts a fully custom business plan and financial model for your business to accelerate your success:

  • πŸ’Έ Secure the funding you need
  • πŸ“Š Grow faster with custom strategies
  • πŸ† Stay ahead of the competition
  • πŸš€ Track your progress and scale

What’s Included in the Business Plan.

ProAI is trained using business plans from elite consulting firms, guaranteeing your plan matches their high standards for strategic planning, internal reporting, and securing business funding.

  • Business Descritpion
  • Market Analysis
  • Management Team
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Forecasts
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Get more than a Business plan.

Your subscription also gives you access to research and tools of expert quality, comparable to leading consulting firms, empowering your business to advance and reach new heights.

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Pitch Deck Generator.

Create pitch decks for your startup, designed using models trained on successful first-round funding pitches.

Market Research.

Request tailored reports using first-party data gathered by our in-house research team for insightful analysis.

Investor List Builder.

Export a personalized investor list from 160,000 + investors, categorized by region, industry, and stage.

Marketing Plan.

Craft a plan trained on reports from top firms combined with proprietary data for actionable insights.

Data Integrations.

Integrate your data streams for tailored financial forecasts and more detailed insights with 100% security.

We don't say it. It's our customers

The personalized business plan crafted by ProAI was a game changer for me. It provided the confidence and guidance I needed to elevate my business strategy. I highly recommend it!

Elizabeth Taylor

Founder & CEO

It was almost like ProAI was catching our thoughts and expressing them in words immediately when the final business plan was rendered ... Amazing.

Dan G.

Artistic Director

I really loved how simple it was to put together an easy to follow, coherent business plan. The AI just had me write a few paragraphs, and then it took care of the rest for me.

Melissa B.

Founder & CEO

It's smart and intuitive but also very fast when it comes to getting the answers you need and understanding what your needs are.

Ariel F.


Creating your first business plan is daunting, and using ProAI was like magic. Straightforward questions that you can answer combined with the power of AI, and you have a business plan.

Jeremiah S.


The business plan is top-notch with highly critical market analysis and accurate sales forecast. I recommend to start-ups and existing businesses seeking to update their business plan.

Isaac A.


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ProAI never shares or trains on your data - we prioritize data protection and privacy aligned with GDPR compliance.

Create your business plan in minutes.

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The business plan tool is an AI-powered solution that generates customized business plans based on your company's strategic goals and objectives. The business plans provide guidance for growth and funding.
You provide details about your business including products/services, customers, team, and key metrics. Our AI analyzes this information along with market data to craft a tailored business plan with guidance on strategies, funding, product development, marketing, partnerships, and more. You review and approve the draft plan or request changes.
The business plans provide an overview of your company and market, specifically your value proposition, target customers, product roadmap, operational model, organizational structure, marketing and sales plans. They also include 3-year financial projections, KPIs, opportunities, risks, and strategic priorities.
You will have an initial draft business plan within days of providing details about your company. The total time will vary depending on the depth and level of customization required, but our goal is to deliver a polished plan ready for your needs as quickly as possible.
The content and recommendations in the business plan are tailored based on your company's industry, business model, current stage of growth, strategic goals, and factors impacting your success. The level of detail provided is determined by how you intend to use the business plan.
You should update your business plan at least annually to reflect changes to your strategy, market, customers, team, and financials. Our AI will analyze trends in your metrics and performance to determine when an updated plan could benefit your company and suggest priorities to address. You can also request a plan refresh or update at any time.
You have access to our AI chatbot for any questions about using the business plan tool or implementing plan recommendations. You can also schedule calls with our industry experts to receive strategic advice and feedback on your business plan and company growth strategy.
The business plan tool is available as part of your ProAI subscription starting at $199/month. Discounts are available for annual billing.
Rather than generating a static business plan, ProAI provides strategic recommendations and roadmapping tailored to your company's needs which are constantly monitored and refined. Our AI-powered insights are highly customized based on details about your specific business and an analysis of thousands of companies across industries. ProAI offers an integrated solution to start, grow and fund your business versus a single use tool.