Your Growth Roadmap with
Strategic Planning

Leverage ProAI's AI-powered tools to build a comprehensive, tailored strategic plan that serves as your business's roadmap to success.

Accelerated Strategic Planning

ProAI optimizes and accelerates your strategic planning process. Our AI tools facilitate creating detailed plans integrated with KPIs to achieve your growth objectives.

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How it works

Share Goals

Add your objectives or get AI-suggested, achievable goals.


ProAI advises strategies to help you meet each milestone.

Export and Track

Export plans and monitor progress in your preferred tools.


The strategic planning module allows you to create comprehensive growth roadmaps complete with phased implementation plans, performance tracking, and tailored recommendations.
It goes beyond a typical business plan to provide dynamic project management capabilities. This includes GANTT charts outlining timelines and milestones, KPI monitoring, and the ability to adapt plans based on changing business needs.
Our integrated platform allows seamless connectivity between your strategic plans and business plans, ensuring cohesion across all your growth initiatives.
Our AI provides data-driven strategic recommendations customized to your business context. This helps you set ambitious yet achievable goals and advises strategies to meet implementation milestones.
Yes, our automated GANTT chart generator outlines detailed phased implementation plans based on your objectives, saving you time.
We enable easy KPI monitoring and progress tracking towards strategic goals. This level of transparency helps keep your plans on track.
We recommend reviewing strategic plans quarterly and adjusting based on changing business needs and new opportunities uncovered through our market research capabilities.