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ProAI provides sophisticated solutions tailored to your needs. Fueling data-driven growth at every stage.

Helps you plan strategies
Assist you in securing funding
Understands Your Business
Personalized Recommendations
Integrated Market Research

Build Your
Business Plan

in Minutes

Generate a tailored business plan with market insights and financial forecasts customized for your needs that adapts to your business and objectives over time.
Receive custom projections with an exportable Excel model. Project your P&L, cash flow, balance sheet, and key metrics.
Let our AI develop a customized marketing, sales and product plan based on what we've seen work for thousands of clients.


How can I help you?

Your AI Consultant for Growth

Powered by experience advising 3,600+ clients, your AI Business Advisor provides tailored recommendations and guidance.

+30 Other Integrations

Custom Strategies

Recommendations based on data you provide and insights gained from clients spanning every industry and stage.

Interactive Guidance

Responds to follow up questions, explains recommendations and works with you to refine strategies.

Continuous Monitoring

Constantly analyzes your metrics to detect trends and provide ad hoc recommendations.

Growth Roadmapping

Suggests a custom blueprint for new markets, products or revenue streams.

Raise Capital
on Your Terms

Answer questions so our AI can articulate your product-market fit clearly and concisely in a tailored deck. Research your market size, position and value prop with proprietary insights automatically integrated into your pitch.
Let our AI suggest the investors most likely to fund your round from a database of 160K+ angels, VC firms and family offices based on a custom analysis.
Connect with funding specialists suited to your needs. Prepare for investor meetings, get feedback on your pitch or plan and connect to determine valuations and deal terms.

How it works

Share your business information and goals with ProAI. It's easy and any missing details can be filled in later.


Link your social media, analytics, accounting software, and other data sources. Pro AI adapts accordingly.


Utilize the expert recommendations, crafted from experiences assisting over 3,600 global clients.


ProAI is an AI-powered platform that provides tailored solutions for starting, growing and funding your business. Our tools, resources and virtual advisor are customized to your needs based on proprietary data and experience gained from advising thousands of clients.
ProAI offers solutions for business planning, funding, market research and an AI-based business advisor. Our platform integrates the essential resources to develop strategic plans, raise capital, optimize your positioning and get on-demand guidance for growth.
The AI Business Advisor is your on-demand virtual consultant. Powered by our work with over 3,600 companies, it provides customized recommendations and advice tailored to your business goals based on continuous analysis of your data and metrics. You can get recommendations for increasing revenue, scaling into new markets or ask any strategic question.
You provide data to your AI Business Advisor through our platform and connected tools like Google Analytics or Quickbooks. It analyzes your information combined with insights from advising clients across every industry to provide tailored recommendations based on your needs. You can ask the advisor follow up questions, get explanations of its strategies and work together to refine guidance for your business. It functions flexibly like a consultant but at your convenience.
ProAI offers tools developed from working with thousands of clients to craft strategic plans, pitch decks, financial projections and growth roadmaps customized for your business. Built-in proprietary market research and funding strategies round out our end-to-end solutions for mapping and achieving your goals.
ProAI provides guidance and resources for raising capital through angel investment, VC, private equity, loans, crowdfunding and other options. Our AI can suggest targeted investors, determine the right funding amounts and approach, and help prepare pitch materials based on experience helping clients raise over $4B.
ProAI offers customizable plans tailored for clients ranging from early startups to Fortune 500 companies. Pricing varies based on the solutions needed and level of support desired. Book a demo to get started.