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ProAI delivers enterprise-level consulting to startups and SMEs:

Strategize with crucial business resources
Secure funding with tailored support
Gain deep insights into your business
Receive personalized recommendations
Access reliable market research data

Build Your
Business Plan

in Minutes

Create a personalized business plan with an AI-driven generator that crafts unique, compelling plans backed by dependable market research.
Obtain tailored projections with an exportable Excel model, encompassing P&L, cash flow, balance sheet, and key metrics for a polished, professional business plan.
Leverage our AI's expertise, honed from thousands of successful clients, to develop bespoke marketing, sales, and product plans. Build a comprehensive business plan that defines your company's direction and goals, crucial for attracting investment and fueling growth.

Without ProAI

Sluggish and unreliable business planning

Costly research subscriptions
Insights fragmented across data platforms
Absence of expert-level analysis
Demands deep expertise

Business plan creation:

With ProAI

Top-tier business plan
in minutes

100+ public and private data sources
Unparalleled accuracy and industry coverage
In-depth insights rivaling leading firms
User-friendly interface

Business plan creation:


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Meet your
AI Advisor

Powered by best-in-class AI, your personalized Business Advisor provides tailored recommendations and relevant content.
Whether you have questions about your business strategy, or are producing on brand content, your AI Advisor makes it easy to do.

+30 Other Integrations

Instant Tailored Guidance

Your AI Advisor deeply understands your business, instantly generating custom product roadmaps, hiring plans, and more.

Strategic Planning

Receive AI-powered recommendations for growth strategies, expansion plans, and product roadmaps.

Trusted Research

Quickly access reliable data on market sizes, target demographics, and other key insights to inform your decisions.

On-Brand, Cross-Functional Content

Create on-demand, on-brand content for Sales, Marketing, HR, and Operations.

Raise Capital
on Your Terms

Respond to prompts that enable our AI to craft a compelling narrative around your product-market fit, presented in a customized deck for prospective investors. Our AI conducts a comprehensive market analysis, researching your market size, position, and value proposition, seamlessly integrating proprietary insights into your pitch.
Leverage our AI's recommendations to identify the most promising investors for your funding round, drawn from a vast database of over 160,000 angels, VC firms, and family offices, based on a tailored analysis.
Access funding specialists matched to your specific needs. Prepare for investor meetings, receive valuable feedback on your pitch and financial projections, and collaborate to determine appropriate valuations and deal terms.

ProAI partners with the most accurate data sources.

Transform your business planning with an AI-powered toolkit that synergizes real-time data and intelligent plan generation. Condense weeks of market research into minutes, enabling swift, data-driven decisions to propel your business forward.

Reliable Market

Supercharge your AI-generated business plan with comprehensive industry data, including market sizes, growth rates, and key trends, to fortify your competitive edge.
Acquire in-depth intelligence on your rivals, encompassing their market share, positioning, and marketing tactics, to uncover valuable insights and develop winning strategies.

How it works

Complete a brief questionnaire so ProAI fully understands the unique qualities of your business, like having an onboarding session with a top consultant.


ProAI combines proprietary data with third-party reports and data to analyze your industry, competitors, and other key facts about your target market.


Utilize the expert recommendations, crafted from experiences assisting over 3,600 global clients. Traditional business plans are a comprehensive document that forecast multiple years into the future and contain every detail contributing to the business's success.

Designed to help you scale

From small startups to publicly traded enterprises with hundreds of millions of users, we built our platform to grow alongside you. Delighting our customers, no matter your role or tech stack in place remains at the heart of every decision we make.

"ProAI is an impressive AI business plan generator that performs at the level of a top consulting firm, it is awesome to see startups and SMEs get access to big four firm quality."

Matt Maiale


"This technology delivered beyond expectations; BCG, McKinsey like performance at an affordable cost."

Johnny Ahrens

VP Corporate Growth, Veratad

"Having used past AI tools they really weren't looking in depth enough in competitors or overall next steps to boost the business, that's when I found ProAI it does it all."

Rob Bushwell

Head of Business Development, Charis

Backed by the Highest Level of Security & Compliance

ProAI, developed by a leading consulting firm, prioritizes client confidentiality with ISO 27001/27701 certification and GDPR compliance. Your data remains secure, accessed only with your explicit permission.

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Commonly Asked Questions

ProAI is a platform that equips startups and SMEs with the tools used by top consulting firms, helping create custom business plans, market research, financial forecasts, marketing strategies, and more.
Other tools provide identical responses to ChatGPT, whereas ProAI is custom built to use proprietary data to replicate the templates and quality of elite consulting firms. It also has access to paid market research sources to ensure research accuracy.
While ProAI doesn't have in-house consultants and can't replace CPAs, attorneys, or other specialists, our expert support team is available via phone, chat, and email to assist you.
ProAI offers an AI business plan writer, along with solutions for business planning, funding, market research, and an AI-based business advisor. Our platform integrates essential resources to develop strategic plans, raise capital, optimize positioning, and provide on-demand growth guidance.
ProAI offers tools developed from working with thousands of clients to refine their business idea, craft strategic plans, pitch decks, financial projections and business model customized for you. Additionally, we provide clear and practical business plan examples for different types of businesses, focusing on financial strategies and analysis. Our resources include executive summaries tailored to specific industries, such as food businesses and florist supply shops. Built-in proprietary market research and funding strategies round out our end-to-end solutions for mapping and achieving your goals.
ProAI uses business plan templates that are the same as those used by elite consulting firms. These templates are easy to use, customizable, and can be downloaded in various formats to create a professional and visually engaging business plan.
ProAI provides guidance and resources for raising capital through angel investment, VC, private equity, loans, crowdfunding and other options. Our AI can suggest targeted investors, determine the right funding amounts and approach, and help prepare pitch materials based on experience helping clients.