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ProAI crafts a fully custom business plan and financial model for your business to accelerate your success:

  • Secure the funding you need
  • Grow faster with custom strategies
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Track your progress and scale

Export Plan to Google Docs

Finalizing your business plan in ProAI and export to Google Docs to continue editing:

  • Share with you team and track changes
  • Collaborate with our team of planning pros
  • Craft a custom design with our creative pros

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Finalizing your financial projections in ProAI and export to Google Sheets to continue editing:

  • Share with you team and track changes
  • Collaborate with our team of finance experts
  • Assistance planning for business funding

AI Business Advisor

Your intelligent business planning CoPilot is standing by to be your most valuable advisor:

  • Get support as you build your plan
  • Ask questions about your plan or financials
  • Tips and strategies to improve your success

Powerful Features

ProAI's an invaluable software for creating a professional business plan and financials in minutes.

Fully custom plan in minutes

Answer key questions and AI will generate your complete plan.

Conduct market research

Get cutting edge insights to your industry including key trends and market size.

Custom AI driven strategy

Generate a unique marketing plan with specific to your business and stage.

Complete financial forecasts

Fully custom set of investor ready financial projections with an XLS model to export.

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Elizabeth Taylor

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Our expert team of 15 finance and market research pros, plus AI and insights on 5,000+ industries, work together to create the world's best custom business plans.

Having a business plan is essential for both new and existing businesses. It helps make informed decisions, manage finances, and is often required for loan applications.

Our custom business plans, created by Chase Hughes and a team of 15+ market research and financial analysts, have helped thousands of entrepreneurs over the past 10+ years. They combine the latest AI and market insights from 5,000+ industries to create unique, customized plans with 365-day support.

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